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I Wish I had a Moustache is a coming of age story that explores beauty, gender anxieties and the taboo of body hair.

Many young girls and boys have been engaging with the concept of gender and beauty depicted in popular culture. One arm of this discussion explored in this show is the seeming dichotomy between promoting equal rights for women whilst endorsing beauty stereotypes. The show asks “When do you call yourself a ‘feminist’?” “Can you be a modern day feminist and also feel the immemorial need to shave your legs?” “How much are we willing to consciously change about ourselves before the soul disowns us?” The protagonist will go on a comedic, at times disturbing, journey to find out if she has a problem with her gender, her culture or just herself.

Body hair is still a controversial topic which brings out a reaction in most people. Join Keisha as she takes you on a Socratic journey through the history of the female beauty regime; as far back as 16th century, looking at the ‘Book of Secrets’ depilatory recipes.

“I Wish I Had a Moustache’ is a funny, heart-felt and moving spoken-word theatre show about identity and growing up. It also tackles an almost taboo subject – female body hair – with humour, irreverence and honesty. Every young person should see it!”

~ Matt Fenton

“A future force in solo theatre. Keisha Thompson has built on her already existing skills in writing and poetry through this important work. Seamlessly changing characters to tell a narrative spanning childhood, adolescence and maturity; this piece manages to bring both humour and gravitas to one of the key issues of our times. Educating, entertaining and hilarious. “I Wish I Had A Moustache” deserves to tour for many years and I would encourage everyone to see it.”

~ Maxwell Golden

“The character’s incarnations as child, pre-teen and adolescent were acutely observed and very funny. Of the performance poets-turned-actors that I’ve seen, Keisha is among the best. I’m honoured to have worked with her.”

~ Cheryl Martin