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Date: 2019
Commission partner: Black People Music x Ahmed Iqbal Ullah RACE Centre
Description: An Afrofuturisitic roundtable performance and discussion


As a part of the Black Then Black Now programme, Keisha was commission to create an event celebrating Black Futurity. A Sense of the Future saw Keisha ask three wonderful creatives to join her in an interactive, multi-sensory dive into the future.

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“What a night! Thank you to all our organisers, artists, technicians and guests, you’re all incredible. #BlackThenBlackNow really took the spotlight”

AIU Race Relations


Tolu Ajayi (musician), Maya Chowdhry (live artist) and Sam Remi-Akinwale (spoken artist) were all asked to pick five items that triggered one of the five senses and also represented the future for them. In a wonderful performance meets roundtable event. The four artists considered what the future holds for people of colour. Audiences were soothed, provoked and fed in more ways than one.