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Man On The Moon: A journey through space and time, fuelled by love, fear and afro-futurism

The Stage ****

“Man on the Moon is a poetic and eloquent piece of storytelling”

Manchester Theatre Awards ****

“leaves you feeling like you have been chatting with a friend”

John McGrath – Director, Manchester International Festival

“Man on the Moon is one of the most assured and resonant pieces of solo performances I have seen in a long time. Keisha Thompson is an artist of enormous talent, and her new show is profoundly personal, touchingly funny and arrestingly relevant.”

Winner of the Best Studio Production, Manchester Theatre Awards 2018

Keisha communicates with her reclusive dad through books, letters and symbols. But when the letters stop coming she is forced to venture into his world. This truth-infused narrative sees the protagonist follow a trail of breadcrumbs that lead her to a number of check-points: cultural displacement, religious confusions, political paranoia, misplaced masculinity and more.

With the use of poetry, looped sounds and story-telling, this piece explores the impact that mental health can have on the family dynamic, particularly within the context of the Black British experience. Prepare to jump from Manchester to the Moon as this story reaches for those answers that can often feel out of reach.


Man on the Moon is an exploration of fatherhood within the Black British experience, written and performed by Keisha Thompson and directed by Benji Reid. Using her unconventional relationship with her father, Keisha grapples with the various influences or barriers to them understanding each other and how that has impacted her identity as a Black British female.

“In the last few years my work has focused on gender politics but now I’m delving into the topic of race. I want to be explicit about exploring the topic of Black Britishness. This is really important now, especially since the rhetoric around “otherness” within the British agenda is quite worrying at present.”

~ Keisha

Credits and Listings

Writer and performer:
Keisha Thompson

Benji Reid

Lighting Design & Production Manager:
Andrew Crofts

Set Design:
Jim Bond

Sound Design:
Andrew Wong

Creative Mentors:
Yusra Warsarma, Ruby-Ann Paterson & Jack ‘Hobbit’ Hobbs

Reece Williams

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Co-commissioned by STUN and Contact.

Supported by Arts Council England, Apples & Snakes and Slate