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Goodness me. This is pressure! Feels like Myspace Top Friends – . Cilla Bay…

@Keke_Thom – 17 hours

Jam this in your ears kids! You won’t be sorry.

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RT : Pls RT: We’ve got SIX residencies up for grabs ⁦@The_Lowry⁩ for performance makers who want no strings space, time, priv…

@Keke_Thom – 1 day

RT : A reporter asked me how I got off the streets when I was a homeless kid. I said, “I got a job at McDonalds.” He blurted, “…

@Keke_Thom – 1 day

Sounds amazing! Can-not wait

@Keke_Thom – 1 day

Thanks for having me. Really enjoyed it.