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Date: Oct 2015
Commission partner: Plan International
Description: For International Day of the Girl, Keisha wrote a poem to reflect the number of women around the world working on their rights, empowering themselves, and improving their position in the world.


Thirteen girls, 8 countries, one message: You haven’t seen the best of us… yet.

That’s the message from adolescent girls performing a poem to rally girls around the struggle to overcome discrimination, claim their rights and celebrate better futures.

The poem titled ‘Yet’ is by Keisha Thompson, a young a British writer, singer and performer. This video rendition of the poem was commissioned by Plan International to mark International Day of the Girl on 11 October. It features 13 girls from Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Liberia, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Thailand and Sierra Leone.

“It was extremely humbling to see the video. I almost cried. It definitely touched me.

“[It] feels quite surreal to see women from all around the world reading my poem.

“It really felt like they [the girls] got it, they understood what I was trying to put across. That’s always going to be a rewarding feeling.”


“So much is changing, all that is certain is you haven’t seen the best of me,” reads a line from Keisha Thompson’s poem, Yet.

The 25-year-old writer and performer from Manchester has written it for International Day of the Girl.

A video with 13 girls from eight countries reading the poem has been made by Plan International charity.

It includes girls from Nicaragua, Thailand and Sierra Leone.

Keisha tells Newsbeat she had a clear message.

“Girls and women are here, they’re improving their position in the world, they’re working on their rights.

“If someone watches this video and agrees with what’s being said then it might give them the courage to analyse their own situation, ask a question, take a bit of personal responsibility in making something happen in their lives.”

Keisha thinks that arts and poetry “definitely have a place” in political movements and campaigns.